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#SAFER Documentary

what is this documentary about?

#SAFER is a documentary series about people who fight for harm reduction alternatives even when banned by their country’s legal system

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#SAFER Argentina (Episode one)

#SAFER ARGENTINA takes us to the land of fire in South America, where the government has banned harm reduction alternatives for people who smoke, unchaining an illicit market of products that paradoxically are safer than the combustible tobacco which is allowed to be commercialized. We explore the motives, goals, and stories of advocates Diego Verrastro, Juan Facundo Teme, and Aylen Van Isseldyk, along with people involved in selling the illegal safer alternatives. Moreover, we take a look at the correlation between a local saint named Gauchito Gil, unrecognized by the Catholic Church, and the people involved in the contraband of harm-reduction products.

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Documentary series


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#Safer documentary

What do we explore?

People involved in harm reduction

We explore the stories, goals, ambitions, and background of people who dedicate their lives to promote safer alternatives.

Illegal markets

We try to get an idea of why Harm Reduction alternatives could be banned in certain countries, by looking into their justification and motives.

Local culture

We investigate the culture and lifestyle of the people in the area we visit to understand more about them.


We research the similitude and differences in legislation with neighboring countries concerning substance use and harm reduction.


story behind #SAFER

#SAFER is born from the desire of highlighting the stories of thousand of advocates for harm reduction around the world, who fight every single day for the human right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health possible. For people using nicotine, alcohol, or other licit and illicit drugs, harm reduction offers and unprecedented approach based on empathy, understanding and love.

” Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. ” Peter 3:8

Jeffrey zamora
creator of #safer

This project is part of  KAC Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Program 


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