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#SAFER Documentary

what is this documentary about?

#SAFER is a documentary series about people who fight for harm reduction alternatives even when banned by their country’s legal system.

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Trailer #SAFER: Mexico

#SAFER Mexico takes us to the Aztec land, where the government has unconstitutionally banned scientifically proven and internationally supported alternatives to the traditional combustible cigarette. The prohibition of the commercialization of Harm Reduction products and ideological opposition have generated an illicit market where the entry of drug cartels already present in Mexico is already noticeable. We explore the motivation, opinions, and desires of Harm Reduction proponents while learning about the history of Mexican colonization.

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#SAFER Special: What is Harm Reduction?

#SAFER SPECIAL: Before starting filming the second episode of the Documentary Series, we made a quick visit to participate in a Conference in Colombia; we had the opportunity of talking with Ethan Nadelman (Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance), Ignacio Leiva (Asovape Chile), Julio “El Mono Vapeador” Ruades (ANESVAP Spain), and Jessica Harding (Knowledge-Action-Change). We asked them what Harm Reduction is to them, their goals, and if their dedication to the cause of improving public health through the more empathetic approach of Harm Reduction has provoked a division within their personal life and the passionate advocate they are.

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#SAFER Argentina (Episode one)

#SAFER ARGENTINA takes us to the land of fire in South America, where the government has banned harm reduction alternatives for people who smoke, unchaining an illicit market of products that paradoxically are safer than the combustible tobacco which is allowed to be commercialized. We explore the motives, goals, and stories of advocates Diego Verrastro, Juan Facundo Teme, and Aylen Van Isseldyk, along with people involved in selling the illegal safer alternatives. Moreover, we take a look at the correlation between a local saint named Gauchito Gil, unrecognized by the Catholic Church, and the people involved in the contraband of harm-reduction products.

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Documentary series


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#Safer documentary

What do we explore?

People involved in harm reduction

We explore the stories, goals, ambitions, and background of people who dedicate their lives to promote safer alternatives.

Illegal markets

We try to get an idea of why Harm Reduction alternatives could be banned in certain countries, by looking into their justification and motives.

Local culture

We investigate the culture and lifestyle of the people in the area we visit to understand more about them.


We research the similitude and differences in legislation with neighboring countries concerning substance use and harm reduction.


story behind #SAFER

#SAFER is born from the desire of highlighting the stories of thousand of advocates for harm reduction around the world, who fight every single day for the human right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health possible. For people using nicotine, alcohol, or other licit and illicit drugs, harm reduction offers and unprecedented approach based on empathy, understanding and love.

” Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. ” Peter 3:8

Jeffrey zamora
creator of #safer

This project is part of  KAC Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Program 


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What are people saying about the series?

A brilliant summary of the meaning of Tobacco Harm Reduction and the most moving presentation about consumer advocacy I have ever heard. Resource-wise these people have nothing battling super-rich opponents working against advocate health. Watch!

Harry Shapiro Director of DrugWise and working in Tobacco Harm Reduction. Author, Journalist, Public Speaker, Lecturer and Music Biographer.

Great message, technically great and great interviews. It's been a pleasure to work with you Jeffrey. The ride goes on!

Jon Derricott Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarships Programme Manager, K.A.C.

Loved every second of this. Excellent work and Ethan is a BOSS. #HarmReduction saves lives.

Grimm Green Turning smokers into vapers since 09 | Radicalized by science | Tobacco Control Critic | #nicotine enjoyer | End The Drug War "California libertarian"

Excellent work Jeffrey thank you!!

Addy Tuney Happily married retired industrial electrician. Vaping allowed me to quit when nothing else worked. Flavored nicotine vaping is 95% less harmful.

Great work brother

Emmanuel Mwape Multi-award winning Zambian Film-maker/Alumni of Multi-choice Talent Factory and Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholar.

Do yourselves a favour. Well worth watching to get an understanding that no matter where you are in the world, we are all facing the same challenges to save our loved ones lives from combustible tobacco use. Well put together and thought provoking

JamesR Grandfather, father, retiree, fisherman, Vaper & passionate about the rights of all people to live a healthier life & enjoy freedom of choice.

Gracias por esta oportunidad de poder ser parte de este proyecto Jeffrey y confiar en el trabajo de AsoVape Argentina! Gran producción hermano!

Juan Facundo Teme Presidente Asovape Argentina

Les recomiendo que vean #Safer un documental sobre personas que luchan por las alternativas de reducción de daños en Argentina

Aylen Van Isseldyk •Community Manager de @AsovapeAR •#WomenInTHR-•Diseñadora de moda

Jeff que gran trabajo, mis más sinceras felicitaciones por este documental tan bonito.

Francisco Ordoñez Presidente Asovape Colombia

Great video

Phil The fundamental human right to make informed health decisions isn't invalidated by others' disapproval of those decisions.

The word of the year is #Safer.

VapingIT, SPE, EEI CDC Certified # Tobacco Control "Prevention" Expert.

No se pueden perder el primer episodio del documental #Safer, de @GlobalStateTHR, @INNCOorg, @AsovapeAR , con la dirección de @jeffzam8 y las historias de @docverrastro, @JuanFacundoTeme y @AylenVanIseldyk. ¡La Reducción de Daños es un derecho!

VapeoInformado Información sobre el vapeo como herramienta de reducción de daños y cesación de tabaco.

My buddy @jeffzam8 is doing something really cool for tobacco harm reduction in Argentina! Check it out!

Troop Wol My MadMixtress, vape, music, motorcycles, good food. Not one to suffer fake agenda, "for profit" Public Health shills that don't PH, or headlines that..

Felicidades un buen trabajo.

Jacs Angel

Good job. It was informative and entertaining A great presentation Thank you. Keep up the great work

Rawg Slinkard A real person, advocate for common sense. Love Sciences, Real info. Education for the Win.

Excelente video. Llevo 9 años sin fumar gracias al Vapeo. Vapear Me salvo la vida.


Fenomenal Jeff. Este documental apertura para muchos seres un acercamiento y entendimiento de lo que es el vapeo. Mucho éxito y que le llegue a muchos y entre ellos a las autoridades correspondientes que generan leyes en la argentina y más países.

Manolo Niembro

Vapeo regulado ya. El miedo que tenemos todos los ex fumadores actual vapeadores a no encontrar un insumo a no poder conseguir una resistencia a no tener un lugar a donde ir a comprar, y terminar cayendo de nuevo en el tabaquismo es terrible. Ojalá podamos ser escuchados.

Fernanda Castro Vazquez

Muy orgullosa de tu trabajo, es increíble ver los resultados de tu pasión

Maria Fernanda Valerio

Excelente video! Felicito a todos los productores y a ASOVAPE argentina, paraguay y toda latinoamerica!


tá sensacional! That was awesome! When is the episode in Brazil happening? Please tell me it's already on the agenda

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